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From the business philosophy: "True value - For you to me" with the motto: "Get rich in your homeland before reaching out to the big sea" Viet Coffee Origin Joint Stock Company sends you the The best products and services of the people of the Central Highlands who live and work in Cada - The place with the best coffee products, the vast coffee garden in the cultural space of the Central Highlands.

The process of formation and development of Vietnamese coffee origin joint stock company with the brand name V'Ori.

In 1922, the French built Cada coffee plantation (short for cum from Company Argicole D' Aise – Asian agricultural company). It is no coincidence that the French chose this place as one of the first places. The first place to grow coffee trees, because the soil here creates coffee products with a particularly delicious taste.

Based on that foundation, we are constantly developing and creating a standard coffee farm with oganic care, USDA... to create the best quality coffee products with the V'Ori brand.

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